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Multipurpose Use Of Kraft Paper

Who said the paper was just to write and reading? Get the Innovative Cardstock Paper Stool that is exceptionally designed and crafted from paper for use as stool, show rack and some more! The book-like plan considers space sparing storage so you can helpfully bring it around for use at home, open air cookout or get-togethers. The honeycomb innovation bolsters people up to 700kg and has a water safe surface covering for longer lasting use.

Kraft fanning stools can be used as seating or as low tables and energetically stacked like building pieces. Accessible in different widths and statues, kraft paper stool can be compacted like a book and fans open into a barrel-shaped seat, held together by attractive connectors. Then again, they can extend and associate attractively to shape long, curving seats and interminable seating layouts.